What Are You Drinking?

It feels so weird not serving God in the capacity that I'm used to. I am used to serving in church, helping other women, teaching other women, going to conferences and classes to make me a better leader. Was I serving because I was a leader? I found myself pouring into people and serving people and not necessarily serving God. I was used to being empty. I was beginning to serve dehydrated. The water I was drinking was not replenishing my mind, body, and spirit anymore. The well produced plenty of water but it was lacking the nutrients I needed to fill me up. Did you know there are different types of water that have different pH levels.  pH levels range from acidic, neutral and alkaline. The alkaline water has a pH of greater than 7. Water with a pH greater than 7 (usually between 8 or 9) have the following benefits:

-anti-aging properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body)

-colon-cleansing properties

-immune system support

-hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties

-weight loss

-cancer resistance

I mention this because without water we cannot function at our highest potential, and alkaline water helps us function at our highest potential while exposing us to beneficial factors. Remember the lady at the well in the bible? She would walk to the well daily during the heat of the day to fill her container with water from the well.  The water she was drinking only filled her up temporarily. She depended on the well to provide her with water on a daily basis. Just like that woman at the well I depended on the church I served to fill me up, but it was only a temporary fix. One day the woman encountered Jesus and He told her that she would thirst no more if she drank the Living Water. The Living Water had a Power and Holiness (pH) that the water in the well did not provide. The woman put down her container and received the Living Water, and I had to do the same.  I walked away from the well because the water was no longer satisfying my thirst. I received the Living Water Jesus offered me and now I feel replenished! The water fulfills and restores my soul. This season I have not served people on the level that I have served before, but I am learning to serve God with my Obedience. Jesus continues to say, "Follow me...." I'm learning to go and do what He says.

Religion: giving people water from the well when people are needing the Living Water Jesus. It makes people dependent upon the church rather than Jesus.

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