Many women of all ages are stuck in their lives that may be due to choices, decisions, or experiences that occurred at one point in their life. Some of these experiences happened in their childhood. As a child we are very impressionable, and what we experience (good or bad) shape who we are today. I Am GIRL helps women talk to the little GIRL that is screaming on the inside of them. We think that we have left her in our past because we have suppressed her, but we fail to recognize that the little GIRL is sometimes speaking on our behalf.

During our intimate gatherings we confront the GIRL by:

- Discussing our self-defining moments 

- Emotional State

- Behavior & Thought processes

-Creating a plan to change the trajectory of our lives


We must address these key factors before overcoming fear, embracing our identity, and fulfilling our purpose! 



A natural ability or exceptional talent!



Having good judgement & a sound thought!



I AM created for a time as this!



Free from and Lacking fear!

About our Founder

Lover of God, Mother, Author, & More

Chassity "Coach C" Heard, MATM, MHA is a Houston native, and a proud mother to her adorable daughter. She has been working in the health care field since 2008. She was featured in the "Women of Distinction" magazine for her career accomplishments in the health care field. Chassity is using her years of expertise to pour into students pursuing their bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration as an Adjunct Professor at Belhaven University. While balancing her career in healthcare and motherhood Chassity coaches' middle school and high school student athletes. In 2017, Chassity was inspired to develop, I Am GIRL, an organization that reminds women and young girls that they are Gifted, Intelligent, Relevant, and fearLess. Her passion for single mothers grew as she began to face challenges and overcome different obstacles as a single mother. Chassity was inspired to tell her story as co-author in her most recent book "Power Single Moms". Her mission is to empower teen girls and young women to overcome their fears, embrace their God-given identity and purpose on this earth. Her most recent accomplishment is being nominated for the 2019 H-Town Hero Award!